But the Conquered, or their Children, have no Court, no Arbitrator on Earth to appeal to. Then they may appeal, as Jephtha did, to Heaven, and repeat their Appeal, till they have recovered the native Right of their Ancestors, which was to have such a Legislative over them, as the Majority should approve, and freely acquiesce in.
-John Locke

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pay No Attention

Captain Oblivious believes that the economy is growing and there is no reason to fear a double-dip recession. Also, if for some reason people are afraid that the stage is set for a recession, it is important to be clear on one thing and one thing only: it won't be Obama's fault.  See, aside from inheriting a mess from his predecessor (who somehow was actually some kind of god-emperor who caused all manner of suffering despite Congress being controlled by the Dem's for the last portion of his term reign), Obama has also suffered the misfortune of numerous natural disasters (no doubt caused by his predecessor out of spite and racism) that have thwarted his visionary economic recovery plan.

Yes, there is no fear of a double-dip recession.  Unless you talk to any of the last three directors of the Fed's monetary affairs committee, who put the odds of a recession between 20% and 40%.

Unemployment is up, hiring is down, manufacturing is down, inflation is on the rise.  Where exactly are the signs that our economy is turning around?

Oh, right - the lavish birthday party/fund raiser Obama is throwing himself.

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