But the Conquered, or their Children, have no Court, no Arbitrator on Earth to appeal to. Then they may appeal, as Jephtha did, to Heaven, and repeat their Appeal, till they have recovered the native Right of their Ancestors, which was to have such a Legislative over them, as the Majority should approve, and freely acquiesce in.
-John Locke

Friday, September 23, 2011

Senate Budget Watch, Part Whatever

Well, we've done it again.  And by that I mean that we have nearly reached the end of another cycle of spending resolutions that are what passes for an actual budget these days.

Harry Reid has been in rare form, though.  This week he has gone from scare tactics about FEMA running out of money and pushing the urgent need for immediate action to tabling a vote on a Bill from the House that would fund FEMA.  Why?  Because he wants to avoid paying for it, and wants to pass his version that would treat the money as a deficit, rather than the House version which pays for itself via other cuts.

Eric Cantor is right; the reason americans are tired of Washington antics is because of all the talk and zero action.  The Senate is REQUIRED to pass a budget, and Harry Reid has been sitting on his hands for over 2 years refusing to issue a budget.  The hue and cry should be deafening by now, but instead there is silence.

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