But the Conquered, or their Children, have no Court, no Arbitrator on Earth to appeal to. Then they may appeal, as Jephtha did, to Heaven, and repeat their Appeal, till they have recovered the native Right of their Ancestors, which was to have such a Legislative over them, as the Majority should approve, and freely acquiesce in.
-John Locke

Monday, June 27, 2011

Maybe It's just Not that Big a Deal

On Friday, NY Gov. Cuomo signed into law a same-sex marriage bill.  Many New Yorkers went ape-sh*t at the news, and celebrated as if the host of problems facing NY had been solved.  We are still waiting to hear whether NY will impose a divorce tax.

However, the folks over at TP could not pass up on an opportunity to take a jab at FOX News.  TP finally had the evidence that proves what they have always wanted to believe: FOX News hates gays.  See, by not covering the "historic" event of NY recognizing gay marriage with as much zeal and fervor as, say, MSNBC, Fox News has disclosed its institutional dislike of gays.

Perhaps TP has a point - shouldn't the event of the first state to legalize gay marriage be the subject of intense media coverage?  That's really big news, right?  Except...NY isn't the first state to recognize gay marriage, nor is it the 2nd...or the 3rd, 4th, or 5th.  In fact, 19 states plus the District of Columbia either allow gay marriage, recognize gay marriage, or offer a civil union bestowing all or most of the state-level right of marriage to gay couples.

Let me put this another way: 12 astronauts have walked on the moon, the first two being Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  Can you name the other ten?

This tells us a lot about where we get our news from.  For example, the liberals over at TP like to champion MSNBC for their intense and thorough coverage of NY's gay marriage bill, and MSNBC, knowing its audience, provided that coverage.  FOX News is derided as anti-gay because it devoted more time to other news items.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though - instead of every channel running coverage of the same events like OJ's white Bronco driving down the highway, we get a choice in what we want to watch.  I would suggest, however, that the ratings for the two news networks tell the ultimate tale of what viewers find to be compelling news stories.

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